Take it Away!


A little present to make someone happy – it could be you! 

Everything from fresh-baked bread and homemade cake specialties to our mouth-watering cake creations like our heavenly lemon tart: in short, all baked goods, pastries and delicacies from our bakery and confectionery are available “to go” from our counter. We never stop adding new items, by the way – keep them thrilled, is our motto here! 

So, on your next visit to the Tea Room Engelberg, think ahead and ask us to wrap a delicious, sweet or salted, selection from our counter for you to take home. To surprise someone you love. To spice up your next cocktail party without all the hassle. Or, quite simply, to treat yourself, all while dreaming of your next visit here – wunderbar!

The Baker's Delights


The finest baked goods, fresh from the oven daily

Here’s where Britons and the Swiss, though living far apart, will agree: Bread is life, bread is culture. That’s why we uphold the art of baking – solid craftsmanship, backed by traditional knowledge and driven by creative joy. Consequently, everything we serve you fresh every day offers the same, consistent, high quality. And that applies to all varieties of bread, croissants, rolls, buns, and sandwiches “to go”, as well as to our salads and beverages, of course, not forgetting our wide range of original cheese and meat products from Engelberg.

By the way: You are certainly familiar with the proverb about the early bird that catches the bun (well, something along those lines). Anyway, our shop is already open each day when the twittering has only just begun, i.e., at 6:30 a.m. And once again you will agree: Baked goods simply can’t taste any better than at this early hour, fresh from the oven – appetitlich!

Give a little Gift!


Upgrade to Grand Cru chocolate now!

A Tea Room (such as ours in Engelberg) without sweet treats to take out – inconceivable! Yes, indeed, and that means we alway have “das perfekte Geschenk” for you to bring home. A wide range of delicacies, all created with tender love and care by our top-level confectioners. Try our specialties, made from the choicest Grand-Cru chocolate and the finest local ingredients – you will be just as “begeistert” as when you see our gourmet gift baskets that we prepare exactly to your wishes. One thing is for certain: you won’t leave our shop empty-handed – versprochen!